It should be noted that Institutions (Philosophy) does not refer to the
generic concept of institutions or to institutions such as departments
of philosophy.  A parenthetical qualifier is used in LCSH is used to
indicate that a term is used for a concept in a particular field.  I
don't know what it means in philosophy, but it seems to have something
to do with ontology, judging from its class number.

The generic concept of institutions is covered in LCSH by Associations,
institutions, etc., but that probably won't satisfy Meghan.  There is no
genre term in LCSH for institutional histories.  Histories of individual
institutions, etc., are covered by the name of the institution followed
by the subdivision $x History.  If Meghan's collection of histories has
a name, that could be used as an added entry.

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We do have  Institutions (Philosophy) . So by analogy I would propose
the simplest solution would be:
Institutions (Physics) -- History.
You might also do:  Libraries and institutions -- History -- Physics  or
Libraries and institutions -- Physics -- History
Or even    Libraries and institutions (Physics) -- History
My impression is that this L & I heading is for materials related to
libraries and their interactions with other kinds of institutions, but,
in a
primitive sense, that is what you are doing here -- cobbling together
libraries and institutions of various kinds. 
Mind you, Meghan, I have no first hand experience with this question. I
only taking a shot using the printed LCSH.
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Subject: [PCCLIST] subject term

We have a collection of "Institutional Histories" in our collection
consists of histories of physics departments at colleges and
professional laboratories, and businesses. We would like to create a
term to apply to all of these items in order to allow users to search
retrieve these items through a subject search.  Is there an lc subject
would accommodate something like this? I've looked in all the obvious
places, institution, history, physics...

We won't be contributing this term to LC but would like to create a
term is possible rather than resorting to "Institutional History."