This is a very good question. Formulating 670s is very important in creating a name authority record and something that we emphasize in NACO training so much that some times attendees complain about it. This past September we had a fascinating discussion during NACO training about His, Hers, and Its in 670s.

The guidelines require transcribing the usage of the entity and related information for the purposes of the heading that one is establishing. They do not require the full description, which is more appropriate to the 245 field in the bibliographic record--hence, transcribing in the 670 $b field Joan Peters is "more correct" than transcribing Joan and Bob Peters. If I did so, it would probably be to establish Joan and Bob Peters (Firm)

A second thing to keep in mind is that all this was originally done manually. Those of us who remember actually writing cards, much less typing them, are grateful that we don't transcribe unneeded information. 

The use of macros, though, has tended to blur a lot of these distinctions. 

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Antony Robert David Franks wrote: Hi Ryan,I suppose the easiest way to put it is, there's two answers, both in DCM Z1, 670 section:1. In the 670 $b subfield, we transcribe data used in establishing the heading on that NAR. So, if you're manually inputting a record for Joan Peters, you would need only input Joan Peters.  But, DCM Z1, 670 section states under the heading 'Transcription of names and titles':

"Transcribe names or titles used in the heading or references in full, as they appear in the source, without abbreviation by the cataloger."

While somewhat ambiguous, I would have taken this to mean that we record what appears on the piece itself, not what we choose for the heading.  'Joan Peters' does not appear.  I know that you have stated that 'Joan and Bob Peters' would work just as well, but why would the rules not *require* us to record that way?

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