I ran into a bit of a conundrum. For Harveian oration, the series
authority record says "give as a title added entry." I assumed that
meant that you didn't set it up as a 4XX, but just used the phrase
"Harveian oration" from somewhere on the piece. So far that has worked
for me, because normally, though "Harveian oration" may not be on the
t.p., it will be on the cover. So for example, The rise of physiology in
England (OCLC #14107156) has "Harveian oration, 1895" on the cover, so I
could put that on as a 246. But now I'm doing one from the 18th century,
and that early, they were usually in Latin, so that phrase will not
occur anywhere on the piece. Do I need to create a series authority and
go back over our many 19th- and 20th-century examples and add it to all
of them? 


I wonder if the person who created that authority didn't realize earlier
ones were in Latin. 


Ted Gemberling

UAB Lister Hill Library