Dear PREMIS Implementers' Group:

The PREMIS Editorial Committee (PREMIS-EC) has been discussing how to make available more information on implementations of PREMIS and what sorts of issues are arising. Although there is a PREMIS Implementation Registry [1], the group thinks that it is likely that there are many more implementations than are listed because people are not submitting the information, perhaps because they may consider theirs not conformant enough, not far along enough, etc. People who are implementing may be finding work arounds where there are issues with implementing PREMIS semantic units. The PREMIS-EC would like to be aware of these issues particularly because the data dictionary should be revised as problems with applying it are discovered. 

Consequently the EC has discussed whether it would be beneficial to establish some face-to-face implementers meetings to talk about issues.  This would probably be best in conjunction with some other meeting. It may be difficult to get everyone together in one location, given the international use, but perhaps there could be regional ones. We would look for meetings that are international in scope and where digital preservation is a main topic. Some possible events where such a meeting could be help could include:

1. International Digital Curation Conference in Edinburgh (sponsored by DCC)-- 1-3 Dec. 2008 [2]
2. Digital Library Federation Spring 2009 Forum in Raleigh, NC-- I think it is May 4-6, 2009 [3]
3. Archiving 2009 in Arlington, VA--  May 4-7, 2009 [4]
We are also open to other suggestions.

Please respond to the list (or if you prefer, privately to me) with your thoughts about the potential usefulness of such a meeting. Obviously if we were to try to get a group together in Edinburgh in Dec. we would have to know very soon.


[1] PREMIS Implementation Registry: 
[3] (although it says "TBA"-- to be announced for the spring forum 2009)

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