Please note the correction to the text:  The session is on Tuesday, Dec.



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> From: 	Dessy, Blane  
> Sent:	Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:24 PM
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> Subject:	 Catholic University of America (CUA)  Library Students'
> Management Presentation--Event of the Season!
> All,
> On Tuesday, December 2nd, from 4:10pm to 6:40pm, current students in
> the CUA's LS607 Library Management Class will be presenting their
> class projects. The class of eleven students broke into three teams
> with the assignment to create a new library. One team has been
> creating a new public library, one a new special library, and one a
> new community college library. Each team has had to create and
> describe their service community, the library's mission, goals and
> objectives, evaluation techniques, organization chart, budget,
> services and marketing. Each team had to become conversant with all of
> these issues as well as applicable library laws, regulations,
> standards, and guidelines.  The teams will make a presentation of
> their proposals on Tuesday evening. 
> These students have worked very, very hard on these projects and I am
> immensely proud of all of them. I would like to invite you all to
> attend this session to hear the presentations and to partake in
> questions and answers.  For those of you who have an interest in
> library management, please plan to attend.
> DATE:  Tuesday, December 2nd
> TIME:  4:10pm to 6:40pm
> LOCATION:  Library of Congress, Madison Building, Sixth Floor
> Education Suite (adjacent to the Mumford Room).
> Please come by and meet future library leaders Cary, John, Karen,
> Julie, Tim, Mona, Cathie, Teresa, Andrew, Carole, and Rob.
> Blane Dessy
> Adjunct Instructor
> U.S. Department of Justice