Please note the correction to the text:  The session is on Tuesday, Dec. 2nd.



From:   Dessy, Blane 
Sent:   Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:24 PM
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Subject:         Catholic University of America (CUA)  Library Students' Management Presentation--Event of the Season!


On Tuesday, December 2nd, from 4:10pm to 6:40pm, current students in the CUA's LS607 Library Management Class will be presenting their class projects. The class of eleven students broke into three teams with the assignment to create a new library. One team has been creating a new public library, one a new special library, and one a new community college library. Each team has had to create and describe their service community, the library's mission, goals and objectives, evaluation techniques, organization chart, budget, services and marketing. Each team had to become conversant with all of these issues as well as applicable library laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines.  The teams will make a presentation of their proposals on Tuesday evening.

These students have worked very, very hard on these projects and I am immensely proud of all of them. I would like to invite you all to attend this session to hear the presentations and to partake in questions and answers.  For those of you who have an interest in library management, please plan to attend.

DATE:  Tuesday, December 2nd

TIME:  4:10pm to 6:40pm

LOCATION:  Library of Congress, Madison Building, Sixth Floor Education Suite (adjacent to the Mumford Room).

Please come by and meet future library leaders Cary, John, Karen, Julie, Tim, Mona, Cathie, Teresa, Andrew, Carole, and Rob.

Blane Dessy
Adjunct Instructor
U.S. Department of Justice