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Subject: Please insert Venetian language, code ISO 639-3 "VEC", into list of ISO 639-2
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Please insert into ISO 639-2 the Venetian language.
It'is knowed by a Regional law n. 8 in 08.04.2007 of Veneto

The Venetian language is spoken not only by 3,5 bilion
people in Veneto Region (north east of italy), but also

- Rio Grando do Sul and Santa Catarina States, (Brazil):
about 2 bilion people speak the "Talian" language, a
dialect of venetian language.

 - Slovenian and Croatian Coast: about 100.000 people speak
 the Istro-Dalmatian dialect of Venetian (before ethnic
 epuration of 1923 in Dalmatian Coast and in 1946 in Istria
 Coast the venetian spoken was about 400-500.000)

 - Cattaro (Montenegro) - some thousand people speak a
 dialect of venetian mixed with Serbo-Croatian term, the
 Cattarin dialect.

 - Chipilo (Mexico) - about 15.000 people speak venetian
 language (descendant of venet emigrant in 1870)

 In italy the venetian language is spoken by some thousand
 of Venets emigrated (in 1930 year) in the areas: 
- Maremma , Toscana Region, 
- Agro Pontino, Lazio Region
- Arborea e Fertilia, Sardegna Region, 

Many thanks
Giorgio Roncolato