I am finding a few old requests that did not get completed.
This seems to be different than West Frisian, but I didn't find much
information in Ethnologue (although perhaps I am just missing it).

Any comments? I also have the request form filled out which I will send if
we need to process this one.


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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 20:32:16 +0100
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Subject: RE: Request for new ISO language code


Ni it's not that language. In English West Frisian means the language in
the province of Friesland in the Netherlands. This language has the codes
fry and fy. In Dutch means West Frisian the language in the province of
North Holland, region West-Friesland. When English people say West
Frisian, dutch people call that language Fries. And Dutch people call the
language where I will do a request for, West-Fries. So there is no English
name for the Language I mean.

The language that I mean (West-Fries) is a language with Dutch and West
Frisian (Fry) influence. In the Netherlands we have the classification:

Fries (West Frisian, spoken in the province of Friesland, Netherlands)
Oost-Fries (East Frisian, spoken in Germany) Noord-Fries (North Frisian,
spoken in Germany/Danmark) And we have the language West-Fries (in English
no name, you can translate it as West Frisian, but in English that's the
language of the province of Friesland. Now I call the language I mean:
West-Fries, that's much easier. I have added an images (west-fries.PNG),
you can see where we speak West-Fries and where we speak West Frisian.

So all Frisian languages have a ISO code, exept West-Fries. I have a
article for you on wikipedia, it's dutch, you can link
to the English page. They say it's a dialect, but it has many differences.
It only doesn't have a official status as language, but many people see it
as a regional language like Low German. West-Fries has also dialects, like
the other Frisian Languages. With a ISO code, I think West-Fries gets a
better status. It seems that the province of North-Holland don't like
region languages, it's only dutch they accept. I know it's difficult to
understand the difference between West Frisian and West-Fries, but I hope
you will understand it now.

I hope West-Fries will be accepted.

D. Mechielsen

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> Subject: Re: Request for new ISO language code
> This language is already in the list as:
> Western Frisian; frison occidental
> ISO 639-2: fry
> ISO 639-1: fy
> See:
> Let me know if you have further questions.
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> On Thu, 6 Mar 2008, NDMSO wrote:
> > 
> > Request for new ISO language code.
> > 
> > English name of Language:   West Frisian
> > French name of Language:   Frison occidental
> > Reference:   
> > Vernacular name of Language:   Westfries
> > Transliteration:   
> > Evidence:  Libraries of West-Friesland (30) = Westfrisian
> > dictionaries, terms, stories.
> > 
> > Almost every school in West-Friesland has a own libary, and there are
> > always westfrisian dictionaries and books present (number unknown,
> > there are about 11 secondary schools in West-Friesland).
> > 
> > = Website with Westfrisian poem, songs and texts.
> > 
> > = Website in westfrisian. They also
> > give lessons in Westfrisian.
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > National Evidence:  Westfrisian hasn't got any language authority.
> > Size Evidence:  Libraries of West-Friesland do also have books with
> > the westfrisian grammar and stories about the language.
> > 
> > Radio West-Friesland (Radiostation in the regio of West-Friesland) has a programm where they speak Westfrisian.
> > Official Evidence:   This language has no official status, beacause the province of North-Holland is Dutch and they don't care about the culture in the northern part.
> > Education Evidence:   In the regio of West-Friesland (province of North-Holland, Netherlands), they use it the most on primary schools. Some teachers give lessons in this language, but it's not a official lesson of schools in this region, because it's seen as a dialct. 
> > Additional Info:   It's not the language of the province of Friesland (Frysk). In Dutch West-Fries means the language of the northern part of the province of North-Holland and Fries (in English Westfrisian) means the language of the province Friesland. It's spoken by +/- 50000 people in the northern part of the province of North-Holland. Many people on the country side use the West Frisian Language, city people prefer Dutch. They language is like West Low German, it has some dialects. The language exist of Island Westfrisian (Texel, Wieringen and Enkhuizen)and Land Westfrisian (Other parts of West-Friesland).
> > ISO 639-2 only :   yes
> > ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-1 :   yes
> > three_code_suggestion :   WFR
> > two_code_suggestion :   WF
> > Submitter's name:   K. Mechielsen
> > Submitter's email :   [log in to unmask]
> > Submitter's status :   I am a speaker of this language.
> > 
> > 

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