Venetian has a long literary tradition.  The Library of Congress has at least seventy-five bibliographic records for items in Venetian, a count which includes only records with "Venetian dialect," "Veneto dialect," or "dialect of Veneto" in a language note, plus Venetian-Italian dictionaries.  Because Venetian has been treated hitherto as a dialect of Italian, there are additional records without language notes.  Some of those can be identified in other ways: for example, by checking lists of Venetian-language authors and examining the titles of their books in our catalog, or by doing additional keyword searches such as "dialetto veneziano" and "dialetto veneto."  Of course it may not always be clear from the title whether a book is in Venetian or in standard Italian, and some Venetian poems, plays, stories, etc., may lie hidden in collections comprised mainly of works in standard Italian.
Venetian was officially recognized as a language last year by the Veneto regional government, but not by the Italian government.  In a report dated January 2008, it was mentioned that next year Venetian would be an obligatory subject in one private elementary school in Treviso, but I have found no cases of its being used as a means of instruction.
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It's coded in 639-3 as VEC, so the only issue is whether it satisfies the criteria for inclusion in 639-2, not whether it warrants coding as a distinct language. The request doesn't include any information wrt the 50 doc criterion, so you could respond by pointing out that requirement.


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We have seen this request before.  I need to look back at our previous discussions (I was having trouble getting into the ISOJAC archive just now). Do we have any further discussion?