My inclination is to say that, formally, "Moldovan" is still coded as "mol", and that that is reflected in some machine-readable data files that are the formal embodiment of the code tables (with some indication of the deprecated status), but that in an alphabetical, human-readable listing, that entry can be left out.


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We have updated the lists (i.e. by English name, French name, code and in the lists for downloading) to reflect deprecating Moldovan. In the past, a deprecated code appears on the change notice only with a summary of how it would now be coded. It would be removed from the alphabetical listing in the main code list. We do say that we could still see "mo/mol" in records, but it shouldn't be used any more. It seems to me that the documentation should no longer retain that code in the alphabetical listing. I am assuming that noone would disagree with this. If so, let me know.