The appropriate resolution would be to remove car from 639-5 data tables: we took a decision in Nov 2006 to change the name details for car from “Carib” to “Galibi Carib”. (See





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Subject: An error in ISO 639-5 - "car"


Dear ISO 639 RAs-JAC members,


I have detected an error in the code table of ISO 639-5:


Current entry is:

car = “Carib languages” – “caribes, langues”


The “corresponding” item in ISO 639-2 was changed on 2006-11-22 to:

car = “Galibi Carib” – “karib; galibi; carib” [Is the English supposed to be “Galibi; Carib” – two names?]


How do we resolve this?


Best regards,




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