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I am still not entirely "unconfused" when it comes to the item car. Help please ...


The ISO 639-3 and the ISO 639-2 web sites both have Galibi Carib as the English name. But the French names that are registered, are karib; galibi; carib. In my simple mind this doesn't fit together.


The English Wikipedia starts the article on Carib language with: "Carib, also known as Caribe, Cariña, Galibi, Galibí, Kali'na, Kalihna, Kalinya, Galibi Carib, Maraworno and Marworno, is ...", while the French Wikipedia states "Le kali'na (anciennement appelé galibi <> ) est une langue amérindienne appartenant à la grande famille des langues caraïbes <>  (ou caribes)." You may also wish to take a look at


It seems to me that we need an ISO 639-5 identifier for "Cariban languages", of which our car is one. And what would be the most appropriate names (in English and French) attached to car? Would Galibi; Carib (note ;) and galibi; carib; karib be the most appropriate?


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