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I am still not entirely “unconfused” when it comes to the item car. Help please …


The ISO 639-3 and the ISO 639-2 web sites both have Galibi Carib as the English name. But the French names that are registered, are karib; galibi; carib. In my simple mind this doesn’t fit together.


The English Wikipedia starts the article on Carib language with: “Carib, also known as Caribe, Cariña, Galibi, Galibí, Kali'na, Kalihna, Kalinya, Galibi Carib, Maraworno and Marworno, is …”, while the French Wikipedia states “Le kali'na (anciennement appelé galibi) est une langue amérindienne appartenant à la grande famille des langues caraïbes (ou caribes).” You may also wish to take a look at


It seems to me that we need an ISO 639-5 identifier for “Cariban languages”, of which our car is one. And what would be the most appropriate names (in English and French) attached to car? Would Galibi; Carib (note ;) and galibi; carib; karib be the most appropriate?


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