While I agree with its sentiment, the first paragraph is not something 
that I wrote.  The problem I find with your interpretation is that you 
have read your assumptions into the text.

First, you continually refer to publications, but AACR2 makes no mention 
of publications in this section of the rules and does not privilege them. 
It refers to "resources" and "works," neither of which require 
publication.  I do not know the reason for this, perhaps the authors meant 
to allow the inclusion of manuscripts and unpublished visual and musical 

Secondly, the section on theses does not say, "count these only if you 
need to; theses are of secondary importance." That might have been the 
intention, but the words simply say, "make sure that you include the 
thesis as one of the sources for the name when you are calculating the 
most the most frequently used form, or in default of one, the fullest 
form."  Obviously, lots of people do not like the rule; but I think it is 
clear.  Hence, Deborah's objection to it. Exceptional does not equal 
subordinate or less important.

We could argue most of the other points back and forth, but I do not 
think they are as significant.

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