I think that rather than request more clarification of the  rules and interpretations, we should be more flexible about their interpretation.  

What would non-catalogers think of the amount of time and energy that we have expended in debating Russell, Marc James, 1975- vs. Russell, Marc J., 1975-?  Either serves the purpose of collocation under an authorized form.  The rules are supposed to be guidelines to that end, but they take on a life of their own.

Perhaps I shouldn't send this, it may just engender more debate, and I think the last word on this should be Anthony's "BASTA!"


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Re: [PCCLIST] Form of Heading for a Thesis

john g marr wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Nov 2008, Laurence Creider wrote:
> ... [text deleted] ...
>>  The problem I find with your interpretation is that you have read
>> your assumptions into the text.
>   We have both done that (e.g., (a) your comments that 0.14 is not to
> be taken literally and (b) 22.3A "80%", "2)", parens. is to be based
> upon example rather than text, and my comment that (c) 22.3A introd.
> "2)", parens. defines the role of theses).
>  Let's resolve these dilemmas as follows:
>   (1) Take 0.14 literally;
>   (2) Take 22.3A "80%", "2)", parens. at face-value [i.e., what is its
> meaning with no example at all?];
>   (3) Explain why the parenthetical remark in 22.3A introd. "2)" was
> written [e.g., what other clause requires it as clarification?].
Concerning point number '3' above:

Obviously, the rules and interpretations need clarification.  But I
don't believe the presence of an explicit (although ambiguous) sentence
concerning theses in 22.3A means that the rulemakers intended that we
*not* take into account theses everywhere else.  We just don't know what
they intended.

I would like to have a rule that excepts theses from establishing the
most common form of the name, but neither such a rule nor such an
interpretation exists right now.


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