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> However, if there is no one form of usage that would equal 80%, then you 
> need to use the fullest form, and that most certainly can be the form 
> on the thesis or dissertation.

   This is the point of greatest ambiguity in LCRI 22.3A. It does state 
"(The form found in the chief source of a person's thesis is taken into 
account when choosing the form to be used in the heading)."  The problem 
with that is that it generally true that the thesis form is going to be 
"fuller" (see below) or more detailed than the form on publications, *and* 
the author did not have freedom of choice in picking the form on the 

   The ambiguity can be resolved by recognizing that the parenthetical 
statement above is applied in the context of the statement "choose as the 
AACR2 form the form found in 80% of the author's works."  So, the 
parenthetical statement is referring to making a choice based on 80% and 
no other basis for choice ("fullness" is in the paragraph following the 
instructions for making the 80% determination).

>  For the case you describe, I believe you should be using the fullest 
> form: Russell, Marc James, $d 1975-

   See below.

>>>> Pat Fowler <[log in to unmask]> 11/4/2008 12:54 PM >>>

> I want to establish a heading for Marc J. Russell, author of 
> Verification of bay productivity measurement by remote sensors. 
> (ocm76884043). There is already a record for this title in OCLC with the 
> heading Russell, Marc J.

   The definition of "fullness" is commonly misunderstood.  It is explained 
as follows in the same LCRI, to wit: "When determining the fullest form 
... make no distinction between initials and forenames."  A poor example 
fails to illustrate that "Russell, Marc J." is equal in fullness to 
"Russell, Marc James" [the date does not enter the "fullness" 
determination].  So, if there is not 80% predomination and "Russell, Marc 
J." is not the only form per paragraph "1)" of the LCRI, you could 
establish the heading as: "Russell, Marc J. $q (Marc James), $d 1975- ".

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