Bravo, Hal!

    No one could have stated it better!  Let me add one observation --

On Fri, 7 Nov 2008, Hal Cain wrote:

> john g marr wrote:

>> ...  why are theses given a relatively exceptional level of 
>> mention?

> Because they are [by-and-large] unpublished and largely uncirculated ... 
> they're still not "mainstream" documents in the sense that commercial 
> publication, or posting on a widely-accessible site, creates ... I find 
> problems with [any] names established on the basis of a single 
> occurrence.

   In corroboration, we have AACR2 22.1: "... choose as the *basis* of the 
heading ... the name by which [an author] is commonly [!] known", and that 
just ain't [!] likely to be the name on a thesis [except by chance], or be 
determinable by the thesis if that is all an author has "issued"!

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