Hi folks:

   Ever ponder the ambiguity of searching the name authority files by 
heading (or reference heading) when an unambiguous heading is being 
sought?  Perhaps you may have noticed the usefulness of complex key word 
and phrase combinations to recover precise data from the Internet?

   "Authority work" would be greatly enhanced if "authority records" could 
be recovered in the same way.  Might we ever see key word and phrase 
searches of authority recordS by data in all fields?  One could then 
search for the "john smith" who is a biologist (etc.) or lives in Arizona 
(Ariz.) or is on a faculty at Queensland Univ.

  Of course, a slight change in paradigm would be necessary, perhaps, to 
develop "biographical" records supplying useful data.

  Still, I did recently hear one prominent scholar describe authority work 
as being more generally important than work on bibliographical records, so 
perhaps the extra efforts would be justifiable (except for interference 
from the "bottom line"?).

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