Program for Cooperative Cataloging Response to On the Record: Report of the Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control
The Program for Cooperative Cataloging's Policy Committee (PCC PoCo) supports the recommendations outlined for the PCC in the Library of Congress Working Group's final report.  Because PCC leaders provided testimony at the Working Group's public forums, and because representatives from PCC institutions were members of the Working Group itself, there is a close alignment between the report and the PoCo's own planning efforts.  Indeed, many of the recommendations are identical to, or closely aligned with, items already listed in the PCC Strategic Directions document, available online at:
The PoCo and the Steering Committee will continue to evaluate the bibliographic control landscape, seeking out ways to foster greater participation and cooperation across all types of libraries.   PCC's position as an international program gives it a unique ability to meet many of the goals outlined in the Working Group's report.  We welcome input from member institutions on ways to expand participation in our constituent programs and meet our goal of being a global leader in the international metadata community.
--David Banush, 2008/2009 PoCo Chair, for the PoCo

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