john g marr wrote:
>   "Authority work" would be greatly enhanced if "authority records" 
> could be recovered in the same way.  Might we ever see key word and 
> phrase searches of authority recordS by data in all fields?  One could 
> then search for the "john smith" who is a biologist (etc.) or lives in 
> Arizona (Ariz.) or is on a faculty at Queensland Univ.
This sounds great to me and I hope it will happen soon.

When OCLC Connextion was introduced into the world years ago, its users 
were asked to comment on it and provide improvement suggestions.  One of 
the items on my wish list was that the 6XX fields of authority records 
could be keyword searched.

OCLC replied saying that this request was not a priority at the time, 
but would be put on their list of issues to be tackled in the future.

Nothing's happened so far ...

Zehua Sun
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library