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Discussion on Collecting Free Web Resources: Selection,
Archiving, Metadata, Access



To register go to:, click on ALCTS (spelled out) under the ALA Division heading,
then choose [log in to unmask]  A
login and password are required to register.  Instructions for obtaining a login and password may be
found on the list homepage. 
Participation is open to anyone. 



Discussion will
begin at 10am, Tuesday, November
18 and conclude at 6pm, Thursday, November
20, 2008


Moderators for the discussion are Kate Harcourt, Melanie Wacker and
Alex Thurman, Columbia University. 



Background information:



Many libraries are beginning to go from including
records for selected free Web resources in their catalogs to more
literally 'collecting' these resources through Web archiving.  We hope this forum will provide
comments on how libraries are selecting Web resources for archiving, what
harvesting tools they are using and particularly how they are achieving
bibliographic control of their archived Web content. Specifically, how are
libraries developing procedures for the generation, enrichment and
expression of metadata for description, access, preservation and
management of this type of collection.



For example, we welcome your ideas and practices


     Your library’s workflow for collecting Web content.


     Who selects Web content and does selection criteria differ from
criteria used to collect similar resources in print.


     What harvesting tools do you use? What are the strengths and
weaknesses of those tools?


     Does your library create metadata for archived Web resources,
or do you rely on keyword searching and/or metadata provided by your
web harvesting tool or vendor, such as Internet Archive?


     Using descriptive metadata for discovery? Which schema do you
use? What prompted you to make that choice?  Is some metadata captured automatically and, if
yes, what type? (E.g. technical or descriptive)
     Are you integrating cataloging records for archived resources
into your traditional library catalog and/or OCLC?  How do you determine the level
of cataloging for archived web resources? Do you track versions of
archived websites in metadata records? Who decides how often a website
is harvested for archiving?


you use controlled access points for names?  Do you provide subject access? Do you use a
controlled vocabulary such as LCSH and/or classification?

We look forward to a lively discussion.   As summary of the discussion
will be provided.


Please address any questions to Kate Harcourt –
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Pamela Bluh

Past President, Association for Library Collections
& Technical Services (ALCTS)
a division of the American
Library Association


Associate Director for
Services & Administration
Thurgood Marshall Law
University of Maryland
School of Law
501 West
Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21201-1768

410-706-2372 FAX
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