The Policy and Standards Division has reviewed the portion of LCRI 22.3A related to the so-called "80% rule" and the extensive PCCLIST discussion earlier this month.  We've determined that this guidance is no longer necessary and will delete this portion of the LCRI with the issuance of the next update to the documentation.

LCRI 22.3A was originally issued to ease the transition from AACR1 to AACR2 by providing guidance to LC catalogers when creating a name authority record for an author that already had headings on bibiographic records in the LC database.  With the understanding that significant time has passed since the adoption of AACR2, as well as the understanding that different NACO participants are viewing different sets of records (i.e., other than the LC catalog alone) for determining the most "commonly found form of name," this guidance issued to promote efficiency of decision-making has become unnecessary.  Instead, the Policy and Standards Division has determined that catalogers have over 25 years of applying the priniciples of AACR2 and have honed their cataloger judgement suffciently that extra guidance for applying 22.3A in AACR2 is no longer needed and the rule should be applied as written.

Ana Cristan for
Policy and Standards Division 
Library of Congress