LCRI 22.1:

"AACR2 Compatible" Headings
After August 1982, LC began to use and establish all headings in compliance with the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, second edition; however, certain categories of existing headings were designated "AACR2 compatible" and continued to be used on current cataloging. Newly created name authority records continued to be coded "AACR2 compatible" when the heading being established was based on a heading already coded "AACR2 compatible ."

In August 2007, the policies on "AACR2 compatible" headings were relaxed by introducing guidelines permitting the revision of "AACR2 compatible" headings but requiring the revision under certain circumstances.

"AACR2 compatible" headings may be reformulated to conform to AACR2; or, they may continue to be used as is as long as they do not fall into one of the categories below.

Existing heading must be revised

If changing the heading or a reference on a record coded "AACR2 compatible" [008/10=d], reformulate the heading to conform to AACR2 by
1) upgrading all elements of the name authority record to AACR2;
2) changing the value in 008/10 to "c";
3) upgrading other name authority records on which the  "AACR2 compatible" heading has been used either as part of the 1XX field or in the reference structure.

New heading or reference
When a new heading is being created or a new reference being added to an existing name authority record that would use an existing "AACR2 compatible" heading, reformulate the base heading to its AACR2 form; upgrade the heading on the base name authority record coded "AACR2 compatible ," and upgrade any additional name authority records that have used the "AACR2 compatible" heading.
Historical background for trainers and catalogers, including examples, is available at: <URL to be supplied>

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I seem to remember a while back a shift in policy regarding already-established name headings that are coded as AACR2-compatible -- about changing them under certain circumstances.  I cannot remember what the change was, however.  Who has that clearly in mind, please?

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