Thanks.  I am, but have been filing everything in folders recently.  I'll add this (at the bottom) to my list of what we need MLA to do as special projects, though Mendelssohn surely isn't the only person to be caught up by preferred form of name per RDA.

>>> "J. Brad Young" <[log in to unmask]> 11/12/2008 11:23 AM >>>
Has anyone commented on the implications for music uniform titles of the 
change in LCRI 22.1? An example is the AACR2-compatible name heading 
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, $d 1809-1847 and the 554 related 
name-title headings. Would a well-publicized cooperative project be 
feasible both to identify and revise name authority records and to 
report the necessary bibliographic file maintenance? The scope of the 
revision required could become a deterrent to the establishment of a new 
name-title authority record using a currently AACR2-compatible name heading.


Antony Robert David Franks wrote:

>LCRI 22.1 has been re-written to cover the matter.
>If one must use a compatible heading in formulating another heading (subordinate body, uniform title under a personal name, etc,) or is revising the compatible name authority record for other reasons (adding a 670, adding a reference, etc.) one must revise the heading to make it AACR2.
>Otherwise, if using a compatible heading in a bibliographic record, one may revise it to AACR2 or use it as is.
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>I seem to remember a while back a shift in policy regarding already-established name headings that are coded as AACR2-compatible -- about changing them under certain circumstances.  I cannot remember what the change was, however.  Who has that clearly in mind, please?
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