The reason that you give for making the change which I find persuasive
is that authorized headings change over time, and using a 490 preserves
the title of the series as it appeared in a given work.


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A complete discussion of this issue is found in MARC discussion paper
no. 2008-DP02:

In short, many people have argued that it would be better to have two
different fields for 1) transcribing the series from the work cataloged
and 2) supplying the authorized form.   Authorized forms change, and
even when these are the same at the time of cataloging, automated
authority control could later change an 8XX as the authority record
changes, leaving the 490 as part of the description. 


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Re: [PCCLIST] PCC Guidelines for Field 440


As 440  cannot be controlled in OCLC,  I change it to 830 and the
control for series  works. So I have a silly question, as to why not use
830 in lieu of 440s? That way this 490 1 issue can be avoided. It maybe
a change the programmers can do without much hassle. 
--angelina Joseph 
Marquette University Law Library 
Milwaukee, WI 53201 

Coding for 490 first indicator definitions: 

1 - Series traced in 8XX field 

When value "1" is used, the appropriate field 800-830 is included in the
bibliographic record to provide the series added entry. 

Does this mean that if the series statement is identical to the heading,
field 8XX is simply repeats field 490 1? This is the way in which LTI
handles series validation but it certainly makes for an
illogical-looking and somewhat confusing record. Why was it thought
necessary to abolish field 440? 

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