I see that Mary and I have different recommendations. A point of fact, though: Marc J. Russell is no less full than Marc James Russell. See LCRI 22.3A Fullness


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Hi Pat,

You have a fullness issue which is covered by LCRI 22.3A...the 80% rule.  You first ask "Does the form found on your piece agree with the form found in headings for this author".  It seems that you have a case where your form matches one of several different forms already on bib records.  If that's the case, then you go to the second provision of the LCRI where you count usages and if you have 80% for one usage, great...you use that form made into a heading with possible additions of initials spelled out and birthdate.  However, if there is no one form of usage that would equal 80%, then you need to use the fullest form, and that most certainly _can_ be the form on the thesis or dissertation.  For the case you describe, I believe you should be using the fullest form:

Russell, Marc James, $d 1975- 


I hope this helps [and agrees with other responses you get]  ;)


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>>> Pat Fowler <[log in to unmask]> 11/4/2008 12:54 PM >>>
I want to establish a heading for Marc J. Russell, author of Verification of bay productivity measurement by remote sensors. (ocm76884043). There is already a record for this title in OCLC with the heading Russell, Marc J.

I know that this is the same person listed as author of the thesis: Net ecosystem metabolism in Texas shallow water estuaries (ocm68816448)
Russell, Marc James |d 1975

and likely  Marc Russell(ocm54855207 and ocm54488377)

I'm unsure how to determine which version of the name to use.  Can someone please tell me if I can use the fullest form as found on the thesis?
Russell, Marc James, |d 1975
Russell, Marc J. |q (Marc James), |d 1975
Russell, Marc J.

Thank you for your help.

Pat Fowler

Patsy D. Fowler
Head, Cataloging Department
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Archives and Information Services Division
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