n  86844500 for Georg Josef Beer, 1763-1821 is already a pretty complex authority, but I noticed a complication related to this author in a work I cataloged. On the title page, his name is given as Joseph G. Beer. I am guessing this might be a printer’s error in this particular edition. However, there are actually two publishers, Wappler and Kaiserer, who give it as Joseph G. Beer in 1790-91. A number of records transcribe it that way. It seems there’s something of a tendency to make it Georg Joseph (or Josef) the later a work is. My main question is: should I add Beer, Joseph G., 1763-1821 as a see reference on this authority?


I think the probability is extremely low of this being two different people. In reference sources, he always seems to be called Georg Joseph (or Josef).


I’ve noticed that Dutch and German catalogers, with their different rules, often set the heading up exactly as it is on the piece, and sometimes abbreviate Joseph to Jos.


Ted Gemberling

UAB Lister Hill Library