Sorry in advance for the cross-posting and tangential topic.

If anyone participates in or knows of an organization that distributes old but not antique computers 
and parts to people and/or organizations in need, please ping me off-list. Something in the NY Metro 
area would be ideal. I found plenty of computer recycling groups on Google but I'd rather this stuff 
be reused than sent to China or elsewhere in Asia to poison someone over there for the few dollars 
of scrap metal in it.

The pile of stuff I have is not ancient junk. It's all Pentium-era PC stuff, almost all of it 
Pentium II/III era or later. Mostly parts like modems, CD-ROM drives, memory chips, video cards, 
etc. But also a couple of full computers. Also a couple of CRT monitors are available, but I'm not 
sure anyone wants those anymore. Plus plenty of ribbon cables, blank spacer panels, screws, fans, 
etc. Even a few power supplies.

Again, please ping off-list if you can help me give some of this stuff away. As I said, I really 
hate to put it into the waste or recycling streams if someone can use it.

-- Tom Fine