So far, I have had very good success with the T-Y disks. I think we only 
had one defective disk in about 500 or so.

We primarily burn these on Plextor drives, and haven't received any 
complaints from clients about reliability or compatibility of the media.

I have less experience with the DVD+R disks, although of the ones we've 
done using the T-Y disks, there have been no rejects.

Scott D. Smith
*Chicago Audio Works, Inc.*

Matt Sohn wrote:
> I am preparing to archive a large number of 24/96 audio files to DVD-R. I am looking for recommendations for types and/or brands of DVD-R discs. Are gold discs worth the extra expense? Any particular manufacturers with proven track records for reliability?
> With CDR media I have had good luck with Mitsui/MAM-A and Taiyo-Yuden, but I haven't done much work involving DVD-R to date.
> Thanks,
> Matt Sohn