mission was to gather the Jewish audio heritage on 78 rpm records so that
they could be re-engineered and re-issued as LPs. In 1959 working with his
wife Helen, he founded the Collectors Guild record label which eventually
released about 100 LPs of cantorial, Yiddish theater, Chasidic, and folk

The first LP produced by Collectors Guild was an anthology,
Great Voices of the Synagogue.

Stambler developed a unique catalog in which every re-engineered LP
recording carried meticulously researched liner notes, including performer
biographies, long-forgotten photos and complete texts in Hebrew or Yiddish,
with transliterations and translations.The original collection of about
4,000 78 rpm records were donated to the Rodgers and Hammerstein Archives at
the New York Public Library.

The Judaica Sound Archives at Florida Atlantic University Libraries is proud
to honor the spirit
of Benedict Stambler by digitizing these historic LP recordings for you to
enjoy on this websit

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Does anyone out there either have a catalog dating from the early 1960s for
the label "Collector's Guild" or the record issued by them as CG-602? I
really use some help with figuring out the contents of this LP. There is
possibility that this disc may never have been issued; I am looking at a
pressing, dated Aug. 2, 1961 made at Sonic Recording Products, Inc., 27 Ludy
Street, Hicksville, N.Y. and have no other information, other than that the
disc was in a collection of Jewish/Israeli-related recordings. I haven't
able to listen to it, but, since my knowledge of this sort of material is
non-existent, listening would probably not help anyway.


Peter Hirsch