Michael Biel wrote:
> Look, I don't want to ruffle some feathers, but we need to set the 
> record straight.

> Dave Lewis was correct in saying "MK stands for Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga" 
> but that is where it ends.  That translates to International Books, and 
> as I posted before, MK is the EXPORT AGENCY for books, records, and 
> philatelic postage stamps.

> The book publishers published 
> books and MK decided which ones to export and which ones not to export.  
> The record company run by the Ministry of Culture published records and 
> MK decided which ones to export and which ones to not export.

Please forgive the snips, but your extensive and authoritative post 
opens only one question for me: Did MK have a role in the variant 
versions offered in the USSR and for export? There are several operas in 
which a major role, often the title role, was dubbed by different 
artists for domestic and foreign sale. It seemed to me that someone - 
perhaps MK - decided in 1948 to keep Reizen a secret, so had Boris's 
part redone by Pirogov for foreign release in 1949.

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