Michael Biel wrote:

> I don't know about keepng Reizen a secret and exporting Pirogov, because 
> BOTH of them are on the Borodin Prince Igor set I have sitting here!!  I 
> don't know when Igor was recorded, but this LP release is numbered in 
> the late 1950s.  For the Boris you mention, you are talking about 1948 
> and 49 which is the 78 era and the Stalin era.  Anything is possible to 
> have happened under Stalin, but I don't think they were keeping Reizen a 
> secret because he kept on recording and his records were issued.
> Looking things up a little, it does seem that the two Boris recordings 
> were made a year apart, Reizen in 48 and Pirogov in 49

The 1948 and 1949 recordings are identical except where Boris is heard. 
The first - with Reizen - was available only in the USSR; the second was 
available only outside the USSR.

Where Pirogov was a very fine singer, Reizen was among the greatest 
basses ever to record. A favorite of Stalin, his technical and musical 
abilities were remarkable. His last appearance on the Bolshoi stage was 
in a signature role (Prince Gremin) the day after his 90th birthday.

My question is only whether MK had a hand in the decision to remake the 
scenes with Boris for export - i.e., to keep Reizen secret. I believe 
other recordings had similar modification and there is also a mystery 
about Reizen not singing Wotan in the performance of Walkuere for the 
Nazi visit when he so magnificently recorded the Farewell.

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