Hi Randy:

Thanks for the tip. And the info on Norman Corwin.

OTR Cat quality, in my experience, is very low-grade, generally high-loss MP3 or WMA media. I was 
hoping for some better quality, especially if I'm going to pay for it. Does anyone know if OTR Cat 
went back and improved their quality from how it was a few years ago? Sorry, just my pet phobia 
about digi-swishies -- I don't even like them around 70-year-old transcription audio several 
generations removed.

-- Tom Fine

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> Hello, Tom--
> Try the OTRCAT website; they sell mp3s of radio shows
> on compact disc.  The quality varies from excellent to
> barely decipherable, with most shows being in fairly
> good shape.  I searched their website for "An American
> in England" and got the following results.
> As you may know, Norman Corwin is still healthy and
> active at 97 and still teaches in Los Angeles.  He's
> also active with Peggy Webber's California Artists
> Radio Theater.  (Leonard Maltin has some recent
> pictures of him in the "Leonard's Journal" section of
> his website:
> All the best--
> Randy Skretvedt