The Everest masters are currently owned by Madacy Entertainment in
Montreal, and the Everest releases that have recently been issued in the
UK are NOT authorized licenses, and are in the initial process of
litigation by us.  The 3-channel 35mm masters are currently in a release
schedule (on CD, multi-channel DVD-A and 200g vinyl) being issued by
Classic Records (  There are at least 26 albums
on the current schedule, of which I believe 10-12 have already become

Mark Jenkins
President, Licensing Division
Madacy Entertainment LP/Countdown Media

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Hmmm, don't know. I wonder what masters they worked from. I lost track 
of them after Steve Hoffman did what I thought was the last transfer 
from the 35mm masters back in 1994.

I tried to track down the masters again sometime around 2000, with the 
thought of making a set of 3 channel copies for eventual release on some

sort of multi-channel format, but I got tired of dealing with all the 

 From everything I've been able to glean, the mags are in pretty poor 
condition, so I don't know if there is too much more to gained by 
another set of transfers.

Scott D. Smith
*Chicago Audio Works, Inc.*

Tom Fine wrote:
> A UK-based company has reissued 15 Everest classical titles on CD. 
> Does anyone have any details about who is behind this? Contact info? 
> Thanks!
> -- Tom Fine
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