Evidently, LC considers "ill." to apply to cartoons.    Below is an example (one among many) from their catalog    "Illustrations" is quite generic. and IMHO appropriate.

1_ |a Trudeau, G. B., |d 1948-
10 |a Doonesbury. |k Selections
10 |a Doonesbury deluxe : |b selected glances askance / |c G.B.Trudeau ; introduction by Studs Terkel.
__ |a 1st ed.
__ |a New York : |b H. Holt, |c c1987.
__ |a ca. 200 p. : |b ill. (some col.) ; |c 28 cm.


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[PCCLIST] Cartoons & 2.5C2

Maybe it's the end of the day, but I can't seem to figure this out. AACR2 2.5C2 gives the cataloger the option to use an appropriate illustration term if none of the terms in the 2.5C2 option apply. The LCRI says it's LC practice to only use "ill." and/or "maps" unless the book consists only or chiefly of all illustrations of one type (2.5C5 option). So, why can't I find any records that use "all cartoons" or "chiefly cartoons?" There must be hundreds of books that fall into this category.

That I can't seem to find the term in LC's or anyone else's cataloging makes me suspect that I'm overlooking something.

(For a training session, I thought it would be neat to use "cartoons" as an example to demonstrate the part of the rule that says appropriate terms other than the ones given in the 2.5C2 list can be used.)

Anyway, if anyone has a suggestion I would be grateful.

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