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>...My pal specified Lorenz when I ask him about the brand of machine
>he was using in the Wehrmacht in 1944, also mentioning that it had a
>variable-speed transport adjustment.

Thanks to the Begun book, I was aware of Lorenz making steel tape 
recorders and wire recorders, but I was unaware that they had made 
tape recorders to compete with AEG, but that is certainly 
understandable. It would be useful if your friend had more 
information about these machines.

>... A couple of my friend's off-air tapes survived WWII. I have a DAT
>copy of his recording of a Dec. 1944 Glenn Miller German language
>"ABSIE 514" broadcast from Britain, as monitored somewhere on what
>remained of the Eastern Front, probably Hungary. Reception is
>outstanding, to the point where one suspects the BBC studio
>transcription pick-up needed a new needle. Given the savagery that
>must have been going on in the immediate vicinity of the receiver,
>it's entirely surreal to hear Miller's calm voice and the strains of
>Moonlight Serenade wafting over the ether. However, as far as content
>is concerned there are no surprises: the same material is available
>on commercial CD, professionally transcribed from a set of the
>original discs.

It would be interesting to put together a short excerpt of the two 
versions of the same recording under fair use to demonstrate the 
difference between off-air and direct from disk (i.e. not entire 
selections by any means so if anyone wanted to listen to the 
selection rather than compare AM reception they'd buy the CDs). I 
would think two or three selections of say one minute each would 
provide the flavour of the AM transmission capability.

It would be most interesting for people to hear the capabilities of 
AM before all of the manmade noise and the crapping up of the AM 
broadcast chain.



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