On 18/01/2009, Nigel Barrett wrote:

> Testament cd's saw worlwide distribution-I picked up my copy of the
> Medner in Bangkok and had originally read about the Maharajah
> sponsorship in a back isue of Le Grand Baton,the Journal of the Sir
> Thoma Beecham Society. Testament too issued dvd's- the 5 set Toscanini
> N.B.C TV broadcasts 1948-52 incomplet concerts of course wa one good
> example. 

All the discs you mention are still available from Testament (or through
Amazon etc). 

Your use of the past tense could be misleading.

You will find them at

Unlike most historical reissue labels, Testament has formal license
agreements with the original copyright owners. This makes their discs
rather expensive.

Don Cox
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