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      *Audio Production: Recording Lectures, Seminars Interviews and


This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to record and 
produce recordings of spoken word audio, with specific emphasis being 
placed upon the recording of lectures, interviews, seminars and events. 
You will learn the basic concepts of recording technologies and through 
practical exercises you will learn how to confidently apply these into a 
practical situation. The workshop will also introduce ideas for 
delivering you new media, be it through podcasting for example, and 
managing your digital recordings.


This workshop is for those with an interest in producing audio resources 
along with staff embarking on recording projects, and non-technical 
staff who wish to gain knowledge in order to oversee recording projects. 
The workshop assumes no previous knowledge of recording systems or audio 
theory although some basic IT understanding is desired as the workshop 
will go into some technical depth.


    * Basic principles of digital audio and terminology
    * Introduction and set up of basic recording systems
    * Troubleshoot basic common technical issues
    * Digital audio capture
    * Production techniques
    * Basic software editing functions
    * Delivery of media
    * Creation of 'podcast ready' material
    * Creating simple technical metadata records

*Date: April 3rd 10am - 4:30pm
Location: Bristol
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