Sam Brylawski wrote:
> It's such a good idea that ARSC did it. Go to
> to search
> and read all articles from the first 32 or so years of the Journal.
> Sam

This is great!  I had not known it had been done.  This is handy despite 
the fact that both Leah and I have nearly complete sets (we are both 
missing one issue --unfortunately the same one!   I know my copy has to 
be around here somewhere! 

> > Has ARSC ever considered tracking down as many back issues as may be
available . . .   Steven C. Barr   

To the contrary, we practically gave away tons of back issues just three 
years ago.  We had been paying storage fees for these for decades, and 
when they had to be moved from Ohio to Maryland, ARSC held a HUGE sale 
at true bargain prices.  That is how we compiled a second set for Leah, 
but unfortunately one of the cartons never got delivered and I had to 
complete her set from duplicates I had gotten years ago during my 
Presidency and from the estate of Steve Cisler.  That's why one copy is 
missing from both of us, I couldn't even find my own copy in the jumble 
around here, and there were supposed to be two copies of that issue in 
the box that never got delivered.   (Actually she is also missing Vol 1 
No 1 because I couldn't give her my duplicate because I have only one 
copy of each of the two printings.  One has a cover with blue printing 
and one with black.  I think it is the only issue we ever reprinted.  
I've been meaning to get a photocopy to her.) 

Mike Biel  [log in to unmask] 

> On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 8:06 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> This would actually be a good idea! Recent issues are probably readily
>> PDF'able anyway, but older issues may need scanning. If someone has older
>> issues they don't mind being de-binded (ie the binding is sliced so as to
>> get to individual sheets), I may be able to help with mass-scanning. Ping me
>> off-list.
>> -- Tom Fine
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>>> (note that many ARSC members are librarians or libraries...!!) and then
>>> digitally
>>> scanning these and making the results available...either via the Internet,
>>> in print
>>> form...or possibly both...?!