One would think (hope) that the archives would be the valuable asset that would be worth acquiring 
out of bankruptcy. So I doubt there would be mass-dumpstering. Perhaps more at risk is the last 
decade or so of dreadful and mostly profitless music that was released by the majors.

The big worry, though, would be that a bargain hunter would bite off more than he could chew and the 
archives of something culturally important would then fall into disrepair or be accidentally 
destroyed. It's hard to prevent such a thing, like the sea swallowing the Alexandria library. It 
just happens sometimes in human history.

Bob O's point about small labels is very true, but one mitigating factor is that most but not all of 
the small-label stuff that was deemed important enough to have asset-value years after the fact is 
now owned by the majors. Before you start throwing out dozens of obscure examples of niche things 
lost to the sands of time, re-read the beginning of this paragraph. Most, not all and stuff that was 
deemed important enough to have asset value. Record companies have always been a for-profit business 
so obscure or culturally-fleeting stuff that can many-years-later become the object of intense niche 
interest has fallen through the cracks, but this is not an indicator that "most" small label stuff 
is lost, just that little piece of obscura that is suddenly fashionable to a passionate niche. In a 
perfect world, all artistic expression would be preserved but again, consequences of human behavior 
in an imperfect world.

-- Tom Fine

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When I spoke to folks in the Grammys, admittedly some time ago, they
were having problems with the majors disclosing even basic information
about their holdings. Perhaps something has relaxed in the interim,
though I wouldn't bet on it. And if push comes to shove, it will take a
lot more than NARAS to keep the integrity of these collections together.
We cannot say "keep them stored" safely, as we cannot insure that is the
case even now.

Dave Lewis

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The Recording Academy has been working on this for many years.

Have they developed a working solution?Karl