Hi Brandon:

I forgot to chime in with RAWAVRecorder. It's out there on a few download sites still. Works fine 
with Win98. Win2K and WinXP. I don't do Vista so no idea if it works on it. The drawback is it plays 
the RA file in real time (no pun intended).

-- Tom Fine

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> Thank you for bringing the thread back to original question, Joe.
> We appreciate the suggestion.
> thanks,
> Brandon
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>> I like Total Recorder (Win only) for converting/downloading Real  from the internet. Also use it 
>> for converting from stored files.  But it works unreliably on Vista.
>> joe salerno
>> Jim Sam wrote:
>>> All,
>>> Does any one have a favorite program for converting real audio, or  any real media, to a 
>>> non-proprietary format, such as wav?
>>> I'm asking in the spirit of being able to adequately preserve  future acquisitions of archives.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jim