What years are there? I have some odd back issues from the 1980s that I would love to see go to a good home. I have to locate them first to check on what I have.
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Back issues of the Journal (those that are left) can be ordered from Peter
Shambarger, our Executive Director, at [log in to unmask]

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Hi all.

We are trying to create a complete collection of ARSC JOURNAL for our  
research library.  Does anyone have the following they would care to  
get rid of ? Both ARSC HQ, Abebooks, eBay and other booksellers have  
been "invaded" but the following remain evasive so far..


Vol 30:2
Vol 29:2
Vol 28:1
Vol 28:2
Vol 26:1
Vol 25:1
Vol 25:2
Vol 24:1
Vol 23:1
Vol 23:2
Vol 22:1
Vol 21:1
Vol 21:2
Vol 20:1
Vol 16:3
Vol 14:1
Vol 13:1
Vol 12:3
Vol 10:1
Vol 9:2/3
Vol 7:3
Vol 8:1
Vol 8:2/3
Vol 6:3
Vol 6:1
Vol 6:2
Vol 4:1/2/3
Vol 3:1
Vol 2:2/3
Vol 2:1
Vol 1:1 (Out of Print)
Report on First Annual Conference
Vol 1:2/3

Look forward to hearing any tips/suggestions/proposals. Many thanks,  

 D P Ingram  Ab Ingram Oy 
 darren at 

 +358 6 781 0275 (FIN)  +46 8 5511 4995 (SWE)  +44 203 014 3839  
 extn 8001