Dear Margarida,

At the University of Wisconsin - Madison Mills Music Library, where I  
used to work, we used a weak solution of tergitol 15-S-7 and 15-S-9.  
These are mild surfactants, one of them releases water-soluble matter,  
the other gets the greasy stuff. We used a mix of 1ml to 500ml of  
distilled water of both (0.5ml of each, total 1:500 ratio). We also  
used a Keith Monks machine. I would recommend two rinses/vacuums.

The fluid was excellent on 78's, LPs, and stable acetate  
transcriptions. It was especially good at removing the vinegar  
syndrome dust that is so common with transcriptions. The  
transcriptions, of course, need to be handled very delicately in the  
cleaning machine, or cleaned by hand.

We did not have any shellac transcriptions in our collection, so I  
can't speak to it's efficacy there, but I would test on a blank side  
if one is available by hand with a cotton swab to see if it would  
remove any of the shellac. I would be wary.

The thing that is tricky is that it can leave a residue if you don't  
rinse properly, or you use too much of the tergitol in the fluid.  
There's a discussion on an earlier thread about tergitol that includes  
this issue and a couple of commercial sources. It seems pricey, but it  
lasts a long time...


Garry Kling

On Jan 26, 2009, at 1:52 PM, Larry S Miller wrote:

> Dear Margarida,
> 	I have used Keith Monks, Nitty Gritty, and VPI record cleaning
> machines going back to the Ď70s in the case of the KMAL.  All are good
> for varying reasons.
> 	For lacquers, I prefer the Keith Monks because of its controlled
> area of suction.  However, I find it too slow for vinyl or shellac
> discs.  Then there is the thread feed.  Perhaps that has been improved
> in recent years, but I cannot think of the Keith Monks without  
> lamenting
> all the problems Iíve had with its thread feed.
> 	I have an old Nitty Gritty 3.5 which is still going after all
> these years.  Since I actually enjoy scrubbing my LPs myself, it
> satisfies my needs.  However, in an institutional setting, itís not
> the machine I would choose to clean 10,000 discs.
> 	For archives, I prefer the VPI HW-17F.  (Iím awaiting one of
> their new HW-27 Typhoons, so I canít yet comment on it.)  The HW-17F
> is a rugged, reliable, and fast machine.  However, its suction is so
> strong, I hesitate to use it on lacquers.
> 	Unfortunately, I do not have a single recommendation that
> encompasses all your needs.  I cannot comment upon Clearaudio,
> AcousTech, Loricraft, Hanni, or any other brand of record cleaning
> machine because I havenít used them.
> 	My personal favorite record cleaning fluid for vinyl is Nitty
> Gritty Pure 2.  Since Iím not a 78 collector, I wonít comment on
> fluids for shellac discs.
> 	The above are my personal opinions and do not reflect the views
> of any company or institution at which Iíve worked, past or present.
> Larry Miller
>>>> Margarida Ullate Estanyol <[log in to unmask]> 1/22/2009 7:31 AM >>>
> Dear Listmembers,
> The Biblioteca de Catalunya in Barcelona (Spain) has been using Nitty
> Gritty cleaning fluids Pure1 (78 rpm) and Pure2 (vinyls) and machines
> for many years, with pretty good results. In addition to our
> experience,
> our Preservation team is trying to gather all recommendations
> regarding
> the process of cleaning, and we'd very much appreciate yours.
> We are not quite satisfied with Nitty Gritty services in Spain, so we
> stopped buying them. Our cleaning machine is now Clearaudio SMART
> MATRIX, but we still used Nitty Gritty fluids, applied manually on the
> discs surface.
> We gathered many information from specialised bibliography. Nitty
> Gritty
> in the USA kindky sent to us the components of both fluids Pure 1 and
> 2.
> But we would like to ask ARSC members about their experience in
> cleaning
> old 78's, acetates, lacquer discs and vinyls.
> In orther not to bother the list with this, you could send the answers
> to the e-mail stated below.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Margarida Ullate i Estanyol
> Fonoteca
> Biblioteca de Catalunya
> Hospital, 56
> 08001 Barcelona
> +34 93270 2300 (2166)
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