On Sun, 11 Jan 2009, Allyson Carlyle wrote:

> For my part, I'm not budging from teaching AACR2, with reference to RDA 
> throughout, until I see it adopted (if it is adopted??).  But don't pay 
> any attention to me, I'm a terrible skeptic.

I'm glad you mentioned that RDA might not be adopted right away (or at 
all?).  It reminded me again of the comparison between this and the switch 
from AACR1 to AACR2.  AACR2 was published in 1978, but not implemented 
until 1981, after having been postponed at least once from the original 
projected date of implementation.  It was necessary to continue to teach 
AACR1 for students even after 1981 because of the practice of considering 
some headings to be "AACR2 compatible" -- that is, the AACR1 heading was 
accepted and continued to be used in new records in instances where the 
entity in question was not well known (and a few other cases).  In 
addition, thousands of records created according to AACR1 and earlier 
rules continued to be in the majority in catalogs for many years (at least 
through the 1980s); so students who were going to be catalogers needed to 
have some understanding of the older rules.  I believe this will also be 
the case when RDA is implemented.


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