I have been wondering the exact same thing - my insitution wants me to incorporate frbr into my class which is easy enough to do, but an entirely new code (especially one that isn't even done yet) seems overwhelming - what we have to cover is already more than one can do in a semester - adding this seems insane - does anyone have experience with going from aacr1 to aacr2? I also feel that SOMETHING needs to be said - maybe a one night lecture comparing the two?

Thanks for asking this question - I have been floundering with it.

Melodie Frances

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Subject: [eduCAT] incorporating RDA into a Cataloging and Classification class
I've been thinking about what my incoming cataloging class needs to be
told about RDA and how to incorporate RDA concepts into the class.  Last
year, I provided some small amounts of information about the history and
background for RDA but didn't try to have them explicitly explore
cataloging issues under RDA (vs. cataloging under AACR2R).  I'm trying
to figure out if I should go further, given the current state of RDA.
I'd very much appreciate finding out what others are doing.  


Thanks in advance,


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