Joan made reference to the “project team for part 4 mak[ing] progress”. Can someone summarize what the status of work on part 4 is?

Also, just before Christmas I got mail from Peter Wittenburg mentioning the possibility of Max Plank Institute being involved in some way in the on-going management of the ISO 639 family. I need to reply to him, but it wasn’t really clear to me what exactly is being considered. Could someone (Havard? Gerhard?) summarize what potential plans are being explored with Max Plank?


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Lucas has written more, and included websites, but I thought a concise summary wrt ISO 639-3 might help, too.

Inuvialuktun is known as Western Canadian Inuktitut [ikt] in the Part 3 standard, and Inuinnaqtun is one of a number of dialects that the Ethnologue lists as a part of [ikt], listed there as Copper Inuktitut (the others are listed as Netsilik and Siglit, now more commonly known as Natsilingmiutut and Siglitun, respectively)

Tłįchǫ is known more widely as Dogrib (as Lucas said).

We may need to consider additional names, but I don't think we are missing code elements. I think the consideration of additional names should be deferred until the project team for part 4 makes progress, as the principles by which language names are included/adjusted/removed must surely be addressed by that group.