At 05:21 PM 2009-02-22, Prentice, Will wrote:
>What a great thread.
>Responding to Richard's comment that "all tape manufacturers seemed to
>have created batches of tape which suffered from this [i.e., SSS]" I'm
>going to tempt fate like crazy and say that The British Library used
>Zonal tape by default for many years, and we've yet to come across a
>single sticky one.
>I'm typing with one hand, touching wood with the other.

Hi, Will,

The CBC used Zonal tape for a while and most of what I've seen has 
been good. I think, however, there was a reel in a Zonal box that I 
saw that had deteriorated, but this was a while ago.

I used to say this about BASF (not including Agfa) until we recently 
saw at least one batch of SM911 suffering from at least shed (and 
possibly SSS). The shed is bad enough that it causes significant 
spacing loss on my MRL test tape for 3.75 in/s. This was about a 
five-year-old test tape. MRL has, as usual, been wonderful.



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