At 05:34 AM 2009-02-27, Goran Finnberg wrote:

>I have seen it stated that Ampex/Quantegy 456 is good after 1994 and
>stock made before that year needs baking and stock after that is fine.
>If what I have experienced this is not correct.

I concur with Goran here. Although some stock is lasting longer -- 
especially sealed NOS tape, I have little confidence that any of the 
Ampex/Quantegy 456 (and 406/407) will escape the need to bake 
ultimately. If the box says Ampex 4xx and the reel looks like Ampex 
4xx, it goes into the baker without further questions.

My sample of Agfa tapes is much smaller than Goran's. In fact the 
tape I commented on was a sample of one. I have updated the post, but 
from day one I didn't call it SSS, but shedding for PEM-526.    or

The big problem was the back coat turning to non-sticky powder, 
transferring to the oxide and then building up on the head of a 
single-head A80 reproducer. As I said in the note, ultimately 
multiple wiping as well as wiping during the play pass solved this.

I've updated the master "degrading tapes" page and if you would like 
to propose any corrections, I'd be happy to consider them. 



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