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> just noticed that this reply did NOT go to the list - anyone
> know
> why 'reply' was directed to the personal id rather
> than to the list?

I'm getting that behavior more and more with Yahoo(! -sic)
mail.  It doesn't parse the headers correctly.  Who knows
why - Maybe they've adopted the "Standards are for Saps"
mentality of Microsoft.  I'm starting to use "Reply All"
to mailing list replies and just cutting out the addresses
that are superfluous.

>   SO - is the DECCA label and other historic labels being
> phased out
> in favor of a comprehensive brand???

The Decca label disappeared in the US about the time
Universal's parent, MCA, bought it.  That was some time
in the late 60s if I remember correctly.  All the record
labels MCA bought were subsumed under the "MCA Records"
label.  I was surprised to hear the Decca label had made
a comeback in the US.  Did this have something to do with
British Decca (released as "London" here since some time in
the 1950s) changing hands?