From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


Dan Nelson wrote:

> Much of Shamrock 0XX  series tape was reslit computer/instrumentation tape,
> or govt spec tape made by Ampex that didnt meet spec.
> Thats the reason for the various oxide and backing found from reel to
> reel.
> How do I know this? I worked for DAK industries buying, grading, overseeing 
> the resliting  operation with stock from the same sources used in much of
> the Shamrock product.  We often bought Shamrock over stock and reboxed it as
> DAK tape. 

Last thing first: how nice to pick up the insider's view on ARSCLIST from 
time to time. This is very important stuff, just as Dan's contribution one 
month ago that I did not comment on: the rehousing question and the special 
corrugated liner he developed for cassettes.

Now to the reslitting: I cannot get it into my mind how computer tape made 
for transverse recording and having a preferential direction for that in the 
acicular oxide layer can be really useful for audio recording that uses 
longitudinal recording. Both remanence and bias must be completely off when 
it is used like that.

Well, I will not exclude it, obviously, and probably these tapes were not at 
all well documented.

Kind regards,